In February Michal composes music for the theatre production Helverova Noc - “Helver's Night,” for Celtna Theatre and directed by Jakub Spalka.


I March he starts work with Jiri Pokorny and Maria Reslova's script on the new musical production of the Picture of Dorian Gray for Ta Fantastika Theatre.


At the same time he creates the music for Petr Slavik's television film Zivnostnik.

Jakub Drabka's play Akvablela opens at the Klicper Theatre in Hradec Kralove. Michal composed the music.


Throughout the year Michal appears in concert with Vyber and BSP.


Prazske Vyber is inducted into the Beat Hall of Fame on the 14th of June and celebrates with an anniversary concert in Prague's Lucerna. A month later the 2cd Prazsky Vyber Beat Hall of Fame is released.


On the 23rd October the ballet od The Little prince premiers in Prague at the Vinohrady Theatre.


In the autumn he records the guitar parts for the new Petr Hapka and Michal Horacek album Strazce plamene – The Flame Guard.


Work starts in October on the TV Nova serial Misto v zivote – A Place in Life.


Praszky Vyber stops playing live in November.