In May, the Kamil Strihavka solo cd Woo-doo is released. It is co=produced by Michal and contained four of his songs including a cover version of the song Když se snáší déšť - “When the rain is falling.”


June sees the premiere of the ballet Zvlaštní radost žiť II - “The unusual pleasure of living II,” for the Kosice state theatre, directed and choreographed by Ondrej Soth. For the symphony music, written and orchestrated for the ballet by Pavlicek, he is nominated for the Dosky prize (The Slovakian critics' prize for incidental theatre music).


In the summer, the occasional One Season Band is established. They play various concerts at summer music festivals.


The guitar parts for Michal Kocab's solo cd Za kyslík - ”For Oxygen” are recorded.

At the invitation of Vaclav Havel, Michal creates the musical composition Oslava svobody - “Celebration of Peace” (lyrics by Michael Zantovsky) for the closing ceremony of the NATO conference which took place in Prague on the 21st and 22nd November. The live performance of this collage in the Vladislav Hall, which contains, alongside his music and arrangements of famous revolutionary themes, the participation of soloists Claudia Dernerova, Michal Kocab, Dan Hulka and Kamil Strihavka, The Prague Philharmonic choir and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and music of the Castle Guards, was a great success.


During the autumn Michal composes music for the thirteen part television series Místo nahoře - “Place Above” directed by Karel Smyczek.


A number of concerts are performed as guest of Kamil Strihavka and his Woo-doo Band.

The BBC six part serial The Scarlet Pimpernel plays on Czech television during the autumn. Michal composed the music for five of the episodes.


At the end of the year the last episodes of the television music show Na Kloboučku, for which, alongside Ondrej Konrad, Michal was the main script editor and protagonist. So this show ended after eight years during which it gained a reputation with its audience as one of the highest quality music programs.


At the turn of the year music for Petr Slavik's television film Jiný člověk – “Another person” is being recorded.