Michal Pavlíček


Michal Pavlicek, greatly admired guitar mage, composer of peculiar puns and author of introverted rock opuses and strongly expressive melodic ballads. A symphonic and theatrical composer with his own original signature, as well as a sought-after producer, mentor to young musicians and highly respected individual. All documented by his many victories and awards in the professional polls.


Ondřej Konrád


Michal Pavlíček - Showreel 2022


DJ Lucca and Michal Pavlicek Live! at Machac festival - youtube


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Tancuj Matyldo   (23.11.)
Premiéra filmu Tancuj Matyldo režiséra Petra Slavíka, ke které Michal složil hudbu, se koná 29.listopadu 2023 v Cinema City Slovanský dům.…
Oktopus   (24.08.)
Invaze 1968   (24.08.)
Jiří Sozanský created a large-format oil painting on the theme of the invasion and dedicated his sculpture ONE HUNDRED THIRTY SEVEN to the …