Legendary Stromboli is back with a big bang. In addition to the unique concert will be a new album!


The upcoming thirtieth anniversary of the band STROMBOLI decided to get off at the "unique and unrepeatable" tribute concert on December 4th from 20.00 at the O2 Arena in Prague. In addition, however, Michal Pavlicek - head, heart and soul groups - finalizing a new, the third studio album, which is dominated by his voice and expression Bara Basiková.


Bara Basiková: "The album is more song-but not ordinary songs on it. They have a musical superstructure, are not they traditional and established procedures. Michal wrote beautiful melodies that are characteristic of Stromboli and follow the first period of the band."


Michal Pavlicek composed 10 new songs. Lyrics by Vlastimil Třešňák and wrote two texts Petr Kolecko. The album is called FIAT LUX (Let there be light) and will be released in mid-November. The packaging, which will be based on the original, famous, debut, working sculptor Michal Blazek and photographer and cameraman Jan Malíř.


Michal Pavlicek: "Musically, for me it was not hard to make, but what to sing? That was the fundamental question that I asked myself. And I'm glad to finally determine the content of the message the first texts Vlasta Třešňák. He sent me his poems and they just took me in the heart. some I set to music, some created until after I wrote the music. the two texts written by Petr wheel, even those in the concept of the album also fit."


Several tastings from the new album will also form part of the grand concert at the O2 arena, where Stromboli perform in the original line-up with former occasional guest groups, and consists of: Michal Pavlíček, Bára Basiková, Klaudius Kryšpín, Jiří Veselý, Vendula Kašpárková, Vilém Čok, Vladimír Guma Kulhánek a Roman Dragoun. The album will be on that occasion also baptized. The stage and light show at the concert designs and ensures the Pink Panther Agency - Radek Havlicek and Petr Panki Volek. Management and production of the band Stromboli provides Rockingbooking production.


The origins of the group Stromboli moving the borders of rock and new wave goes back to spring 1985 when it was created originally as a casual band for live trio Michal Pavlicek the Prague Jazz Festival in composition guitarist Michal Pavlicek, bassist Vladimír Guma Kulhánek and drummer Klaudius Kryšpín.


In February 1986 the band was named Stromboli (inspired Pavlíčkovým experience when he saw the eruption of the volcano of the same name). We now have two members: vocalist Bara Basiková (which came from Precedens) and keyboardist Vendula Kašpárková, and Guma Kulhánek replaced Jiri Vesely. Was also a regular guest of Vilém Čok, who sang the famous song media Stromboli, Ó hory, ó hory.


The debut double album released in Panton named Michal Pavlicek - Stromboli in 1987. Four songs had the text of a poem by Christian Morgenstern translation of Jiří Hiršal and other lyrics by Zuzana Michnová, Josef Novotný and Vilém Čok. Two years later came out with Panton album Shutdown. All music composed by Michal Pavlicek again, the lyrics are the work of Martin Němec, Michael Žantovský, Michal Horacek and Ondřej Hejma.


Info about the concert can be found at www.o2arena.cz, ticket to www.ticketportal.cz, Photo: Jan Malíř